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Finance and Accounting for a Startup

Why choose to outsource with Spacebucks Advisory?

Keeping a track of all finances, managing cashflows, getting compliant with laws relating to Income Tax, GST, and the need for any financial assistance; running a business is surely a lot of hard work. Moreover, it’s a daunting task for a start-up enterprise due to the shoestring budget. With limited resources and budget constraints, focusing on various vital financial aspects becomes tough and challenging.

However, by outsourcing these vital functions at Spacebucks, you can streamline and automate your plethora of finance-related tasks which will enhance productivity and would allow the start-ups to focus on their core business activities.
To compete with the established companies and to create a niche for yourself, outsourcing your ‘Accounts and Finance’ department always make sense.

Here are the services that are covered if you outsource with Spacebucks

Company/LLP Incorporation

Bookkeeping and Accounting

GST Registration and GST Return Filing

Payroll and Labour laws Compliances

Income Tax Return Filing

Strategy Consulting

Fund Raising

ROC Return Filing and Compliances

Cash flow management

Perks of Hiring Finance and Accounting Solutions
for Start-ups

If you’re a startup business in Mumbai or aspiring to be one, you will need to have mentors and guide for accounting and finance solutions. Spacebucks Advisory as an accountant for startup business is an excellent mentor. There are many solutions for finance and accounting for a startup  that is coming up ahead to help startup businesses to set up their monetary and legal side of the company. If bookkeeping is not done correctly, you will end up losing all the profits that you have gained.

Finance and accounting are the strongest pillars of any company. When you start a startup, no matter how best you’re a product or your service, you’ll have to be equally best at the monetary part.


It is a well-known fact that you don’t become wealthy by earning money; you become productive by managing your money. When you have a high performing product or service, there will be a massive flow of cash. Depending upon how you manage your finances, legal, and tax aspects of your business, your growth will be determined. You can also call it bookkeeping.

Also, for finance and accounting for startups, a proper setup is crucial to attracting more investors. An accountant for startups business is a must. Finance management via accountants helps entrepreneurs to make better business decisions with calculated risks.

Quick Tour of Benefits

Being one of the best cities for business in India, have a lot of solutions for startup finance and accounting.


This is the part where an accountant for a startup business will be most crucial. When you provide your cash inflow and outflow statements, balance sheets, and profit and loss statements to accountants, they’ll find better ways to take tax-related decisions.

Better decisions

It helps you arrive at better business and management decisions. As an entrepreneur, you’ll be able to understand the critical monetary benchmarks of your business. This will help you understand the cash inflow and outflow, which ultimately enables you to know how effectively you’re using your money. Reaching out to a business startup accounting services and business startup accounting services will help you a lot in making better decisions.

Attracting investors

Any investor would require robust bookkeeping in a startup before investing his money. Thus, it is recommended to choose an accountant for a startup business to manage your financial books, which will strengthen the investor’s belief in you.

Experience the world-class accounts outsourcing in Mumbai for the experienced accountants.